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DIY dress up -hawaiian outfit

I am sure that, if your little one has watch Moana, an hawaiian fever as got into your home. I am right, hen? I knew!

My 5 years old is a huge fan of dressing up. She has her own little collection of costumes but as she really is into a crafty mood these days, I wanted to take advantage of it by helping her to create her own costume. This is a really simple outfit to make. All you’ll need is:

Floral hair clip :
– hair clip
– felt sheets
– watercolour paint
– glue gun
– small paint brush
– scissors

Skirt :
– raffia in gold or natural tone I used Berwick Wraphia
– cord
– measuring tape
– scissors

crop top :
– an old piece of clothing
– scissors
– sewing machine
– elastic 3/4 in

So we started by doing the master piece : the skirt.

I measured my girl waistband to make sure I have enough cord to wrap the skirt around her belly. Make sure to add some inches to make a bow. Then I cut pieces of raffia. I fold the raffia in two and cut it when it’s long enough for a skirt length. I tied every pieces of raffia around the cord. It’s the longest part but the result worths it. To make it fluffier, I “unroll” every pieces of raffia. (The kids really appreciated to do this part with me.) If you don’t want it to be “fluffy” you can spare time by not doing this part.

Then you just have to try it on and cut the bottom to make it even.


Then we tried something out with my old dress : A crop top.

I had this beautiful lace dress but last summer I completely ruined it but the top has a beautiful trim which was intact. So, I simply cut this part out, turned the top part inside and sew it all around with a double stitch. you can also zigzag it and then sew all around. Just make sure to fold the part just a little bit more wider than the elastic. You insert your elastic (which you already measured on your kid chest *trick: cut your elastic slightly less longer than your child chest measurement so it will stay on place when he will wear it.) into the casing you just made and hop! You have a brand new crop top!


Finally : the hair clip

You have to cut different pieces in your felt sheets. You can print the pieces by clicking right on the template ;)

Then you turn you glue gun on and let the magic happen. You can place leaves and the flower wherever you want on the clip. It does not really matter.

Once, everything is stick in place, you water down some watercolour that fits with the colour you choose for your flower and you can start to paint couple of lines inside the petals, add some shades around and in the middle. Just have some fun!

My girl wanted to add a little scarf around her waist so she’ll feel “more like a real Moana” like she says.

Hope you guys enjoy this little craft with your little ones!
Here’s a link to put some Moana vibe into your crafty time >> Moana soundtrack


Tammy Lacasse