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A one day adventure -The bubbly lake

A saturday that started just like every other, that finished just like every other, but fill with little and big icy magical moments. As every adventures start with an idea, ours started a week ago as I was browsing the web. I found a post about Abraham Lake, this famous lake with frozen methane bubbles. Plus, I read that february is the best month to observe them. So to be true to myself, I texted my love with “Please, I wan to go there” textos. So he went back from work this night and asked me if I want to go to the lake on the next week end. You bet!

In the last 10 years to travel here and there, we developed some kind of a strategy like let’s get inform just to be safe but don’t look at photos ok? We still have two little kiddos with us so we need a minimum of organization, potty stops, snacks and these kind of things but we don’t want to burn the wow effect by browsing too much the web.

So, on a saturday morning, we woke up before the kids (and it was the only time in the year the kid wanted to sleep late -_- haha well…), we prepared lunches, snow outfits and we left. Simply. with the kids though hahaha

Abraham lake is about a little less of a 4 hours drive from our temporary home in Edmonton. The day was beautiful, it was not too cold so we left as planned. We have to say that we have kids with a really good tolerance in car. Well, we did the entire Canada so they passed the test haha but well, they are use to it since they are newborns. I remember I was scare and anxious when I was driving 3 hours alone with my baby who wanted to be breastfeed each minute of her life but I think these experiences made them good travel companions now.

So maybe after a 3 hours drive my love and I became really excited. We started to g et a glimpse of the rocky mountains far away. The kids didn’t seem to understand our excitement. Charlotte just wanted to find shapes in mountains and Juliette wanted to go back to play hide and seek with mommy, daddy and “CHâlotte”. We had some kilometres of complete snow in the road and it was at this moment that we had the WOW effect. Maybe you already been to the mountains and I don’t know which feelings it got into you but we really really enjoy wonders of nature. It intimidates, impress and amaze us!

The immensity, the killer wind, snow blades and landscapes as far as one can see, gave me this stunning cataclysm feeling.

preachers point – abraham lake






While I was driving, along the lake, we saw a beautiful scenic vieux where we promise we will stop before going back home. But first, we wanted to go to our goal : Preachers point.

Finally arrived we saw a sandy and icy landscape. At this place, the wind was particularly biting cold and violent. We had a lunch in our caravan back trunk and then we went out to explore this new territory. Some shovels, a sleigh, some driftwood as magic wands “Expelliarmus!”, couple of red cheeks and “Wow mom this is crazy! Does the mountains can fall on us?”

Completly frozen, we hit the road to our next stop before going back home.

Just couples minutes away from preachers point we get the kids back of the car again and this is where we discovered the ultimate spot. This little heaven where we can really take a closer look to the bubbles. We were surrounded by the rocky mountains, we danced, we laughed, we slid, we fell and we filled our little bag full of happiness. To stay true to myself, I took advantage of this fairy moment to remind to my girls that we are privileged and even if, like they say “I miss my quebec home”, it’s by being far away from our loved ones sometimes that we can enjoy wonders of the world. The kids had sparkles in their eyes and so we were. A saturday that started just like every other, that finished just like every other, but fill with little and big magical moments.

Do you also love one day adventures? Where your better family adventure were?


Tammy Lacasse